The Singapore Medical Council (SMC) has approved Cert Neurosonology(ASN) as a registrable medical qualification in Singapore. The SMC is a statutory board under the Ministry of Health, Singapore. It functions under section 5 of the Medical Registration Act (MRA) 1997. Its many duties include approval of additional medical qualifications of doctors. Singapore doctors are required under section 27(1) of the Medical Registration Act (MRA), to produce evidence that the qualification/ title are proper for registration before the SMC inserts it into the register after his/her name. Any titles or qualifications not approved by the SMC cannot be used or displayed by the doctors under section 64(1).

The application requires providing information that includes:

  1. Name of the conferring body for the additional postgraduate qualification;
  2. Is the conferring body a national training centre;
  3. Is the conferring body recognised by the country’s Medical Council, Accreditation Board or a relevant authority;
  4. The period of training required;
  5. The pre-requisites for admission to the course;
  6. Details of the final examination;
  7. Is this postgraduate qualification eligible for specialist accreditation in the country of the conferring body.
  8. If the conferring body is an Academy or College:

    1. What is the objective of conferment of the postgraduate qualification;
    2. How long has the Academy or College been established;
    3. Is the Academy or College accredited by the country’s Medical Council, Accreditation Board or the Ministry of Health.