The American Society of Neuroimaging decided in the 1980's that it wished to develop a Journal to serve the society and selected Leon Prockop as the Founding Editor-in-Chief and Little Brown as the Publisher in 1990. The inaugural issue of the new Journal of Neuroimaging (JON) the official organ of the American Society of Neuroimaging was published in 1991. 

The contract was renegotiated in the 1990's with Little Brown shortly before the Medical Journals division was sold to Lippincott Publishers. Dr. Prockop's term as Editor-in-Chief was renewed for a second 4-year term as permitted by the By-Laws of the Society and he and his editorial board served until his second 4-year term expired. As required by the By-Laws of the Society a search began for the new Editor-in-Chief and Dr. Larry Wechsler was appointed to the position. 

At approximately this time a new publisher was sought for the JON and Sage Publications was selected, the contract being signed July 17, 2000.

In January 2006, the ASN made a strategic decision to move the Journal of Neuroimaging to Blackwell Publishing, the world's largest society publisher.  To learn more about the journal, please visit

In January 2007, Dr. Joseph C. Masdeu will take on the role as the new editor-in-chief of the Journal.