Neuroimaging Fellowship Educational Rounds

ASN-Sponsored Neuroimaging Fellowship Educational Rounds, organized by Dr. Laszlo Mechtler, are scheduled semi-monthly, Friday at noon, Eastern Time through webinar, they are available by invitation-only, to Neuroimaging Fellows and faculty.  Case presentations, discussions, and questions by members of the audience are encouraged in this live format. Following the didactic portion, which comprises the first half of the sixty minute conference, there is time reserved for presentation and informal group discussion of imaging cases contributed by members of the audience.


Title of lecture: Incidental Findings in Spine Imaging
Speaker: Patrick Capone, MD, PhD, FASN, FAAN
Time: Friday, April 22nd, 12:00 - 1:00pm, Eastern Time

One of the purposes of these conferences, which have been designed and implemented for physician use only, is to provide a forum for discussion of clinically relevant and useful case information to help patients. All imaging studies that are discussed should be anonymized to ensure compliance with HIPAA. To further protect patient confidentiality in compliance with HIPAA, please do not record or screen capture any webinar content during case presentations. If you would like to record content during the didactic portion of the web conference, please obtain permission from the presenter prior to the lecture. CME Registration Form

To request inclusion on attendee list, please email the webinar coordinator, Chris Ralyea at










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