AMA Membership and Representation

Without A Unified Voice, We Have No Voice

As a thank you for being an AMA member and preserving ASN's seat in the AMA House of Delegates you are given $10.00 off your ASN annual dues payment.

Keeping Our Seat at the Table
Neuroimaging is a relatively small subspecialty, but the AMA is the country’s largest and most visible physician society. Because we have the ability to help guide the AMA’s direction through seats in its House of Delegates, the AMA actually provides neuroimaging with a megaphone to amplify our voice at both federal and state levels.

What You Can Do
Join or renew your membership in the AMA!  This investment in the future of neuroimaging also comes with access to AMA member benefits and discounts that may save you more than the cost of your annual dues.

Important: The ASN needs members to specify the ASN as their specialty organization by “voting” for the organization when you join / renew. This confirms to the AMA that members want to be counted toward Neuroimaging’s seat at the table. Only by having as many members as possible can we speak with a powerful voice and protect our patients, practice, and specialty.