Newly Certified Members - Neurovascular Specialist (NVS)

Newly certified members were granted this status based on their successful completion of the examination in the year listed below.  Certification is valid for three years and is maintained by completion of 30 CME hours per term and active membership with the ASN.  Please contact the ASN Executive Office to inquire about the current status of certified members.

2019 Certified Members

Neurovascular Specialist (NVS) Certification Examination  (PHYSICS, TCD, CAROTIDS)
Marcelo Pereira Balestro, MD
Jorge Carrizosa, MD
Tales de Oliveira Junior, MD
Aleksandr Dzhanashvili, MD, PhD, RVS
Richard Genova, BA, RVT, RPhS
Joshua Waks, RVT, ARDMS
Dawn Whyte, MRT(R), RDMS, RVT, DMS

Neurovascular Specialist (NVS) Certification Examination  (PHYSICS, TCD)
Stefannia Cisneros, RVS
Michael Cavallaro
Katy Higgins, RVT, RPHS
Anne Heneberry, RVT
Ridge Johnson, RVT
Bonnie Brown
Julie Harrold, RVT
Thomas Alexander, RVT
Kristine Barnhart, RVT

2018 Honorary Certified Members

Andrei Alexandrov, MD, RVT
John Bennett, PhD
Christy Cornwell, BS, RVT
Colleen Douville, BS, RVT
Bobby Ergin, BS, RVT
Ryan Hakimi, DO, MS
Alex Razumovsky, PhD
Brenda Rinsky, RVT, RDMS
Marc Rubin, MD

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